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Who Are We?
The Reservoir Dogs are people who all love to run. We are a NYC running club consisting of members who are lifetime runners, and some who are just beginning. We are a midsize club whose primary goal is to encourage each member to achieve his or her own personal goals, whatever those may be. Members of all speeds are encouraged, but never required, to run in the "club points" races designated by NYRR -- no matter what their time.
What We Do
Runners of all abilities are welcome to any one of our workouts. Come out and join us at any of our group runs during the week!
  • Monday 7:30 p.m., Engineers Gate, East Drive at E 90th St
    Pace run. Pace groups from 10 minutes per mile and faster. Usually followed by food, drinks
  • Wednesday 7:30 p.m., Central Park, location varies
    Speed workout. Focused workouts for improved performance at all levels. Check the Message Board for upcoming workout programs.
  • Thursday 7:30 p.m., Engineers Gate, East Drive at E 90th St
    Evening group run. Intended for 9 minute per mile or faster runners
  • Saturday 9:00 am (summer) 9:30 am (rest of year), Bridle path bridge, off East Drive at 84th St
    Bridle path group run, usually followed by brunch.
Runs go on in (almost) any weather and in all seasons. If unfamiliar with the park see this Central Park runners map. You'll also find us at team dinners, parties, or socializing with fellow runners from clubs throughout the NYC running community. Check the message board for details or contact us.

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Saturday Morning Group Run - July 19
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Thursday Night Group Run 071714
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Wednesday Night Speed: July 16th: Fartleks
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TRD Picnic time! Sat Aug 2
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Battle of Brooklyn Race - Sun Aug 17
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TRD in the Bronx! Third annual Yankees outing on A
By Deirdre  07/16/2014 11:57 PM
Latest Race Results: 
Portugal Day (5M) - 6/15/2014
Oakley New York Mini 10K - 6/14/2014
Celebrate Israel Run (4M) - 6/1/2014
Brooklyn Half Women 2014 - 5/17/2014
Brooklyn Half Men 2014 - 5/17/2014
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