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2011 Photo Gallery Updates

Posted in Miscellaneous, TRD News at 11:34 am by Warwick

Check out the photo gallery for recently added or updated albums, including those for the following events: Relay Carnival 2010, Holiday Party 2010, Cherry Tree 2010, Ragnar Relay New York 2010. Anyone wanting to submit photos for posting and who needs instructions, please send an email to


This is a test

Posted in Presidents Corner at 9:04 pm by Russ

Hi all, just testing the old “President’s Corner” to see if it still works.

If this thing works, Scott will be taking over the reigns from here.

I sure do miss you guys. I hope to see you all at the Cherry Tree Relay and perhaps on some Monday Night Runs soon.

All the best,

Ex Pres…signing out of the corner!


NYRR Magazine - Summer 2009

Posted in Miscellaneous, TRD News at 12:28 pm by Andel

NYRR Summer 2009 - cover

NYRR Summer 2009 - Silke


NYRR Club Night 2009

Posted in Miscellaneous, TRD News at 1:23 pm by Andel

On March 24, 2009, The Reservoir Dogs earned our first-ever NYRR Club Points award with a 3rd place finish among Open Men B Teams in the 2008 racing season. Congratulations everyone for a great year!


2009 news from NYRR

Posted in Miscellaneous, TRD News at 1:55 pm by Andel

Dave and I attended the latest NYRR Club Council meeting in December, and wanted to share the following information with you. As usual, if you have any questions, post to the message board or email one of us.

Club Points Races for 2009
There will be 10 club points races this year, with the best 9 scores counting towards the year-end total. They are as follows:
March 1 - Coogan’s Salsa, Blues, Shamrock 5k
April 11 - Scotland Run 10k
May 16 - Healthy Kidney 10k
June 6 - Mini 10k (women only)
June 21 - WABC Father’s Day Fight Against Prostate Cancer 5M (co-ed race, points for men only)
July 18 - CPC Run for Central Park 4M
Aug 15 - NYRR Team Championships 5M (for running club members only; double points)
Sep 12 - Fitness Mind, Body, Spirit Games 4M
Oct 3 - Norwegian Festival Grete’s Gallop 13.1M
Nov 1 - ING New York City Marathon 26.2M
Dec 6 - Joe Kleinerman 10k

For more information about the club points system, check the NYRR site:

Race Caps

As you’ve no doubt noticed already, NYRR has started to cap the number of entrants permitted for a given race in Central Park. This is because of the crowding — over 10% growth in races every year for the past five years — which many of us have already noticed. The Central Park roads can only hold so many people while still permitting their use by non-racers (which is something the NYC Parks Dept requires), so the caps were inevitable.

For the time being, the rules are simple: race entry is first come, first served. All races scheduled for the first quarter of 2009 should now be open for registration. NYRR will refine this process as needed for Q2, and is open to feedback, so if you have a suggestion, let me know and I’ll pass it along.

NYRR Membership and Pricing

The registration fees for NYRR races will change in April. Also, NYRR is reevaluating the membership options beyond the four levels currently available. Stay tuned for more info on both of these changes.

ING NYC Marathon Entries

9 + 1 individual eligibility: NYRR will continue this plan, with some tweaks to the system including instituting shifts for the longer races. Overall, it should make volunteering a bit easier and a better use of everyone’s time.

Team volunteering: The 9+1 system was so successful that NYRR is reevaluating the need for teams to volunteer in exchange for a couple of guaranteed entries; stay tuned. (Don’t worry, we’re lobbying hard to keep the team entries regardless!)

NYC Half Marathon: NYRR is considering offering team entries for the popular NYC Half Marathon Presented by Nike; stay tuned for details.

Expect some other changes this year, including changes to race courses and locations (especially for the half-marathons), a tweaking of the rules of entry for the Team Championships, and the annual Club Night gala. We’ll share details on those changes as soon as we have them.


One Last Post

Posted in Presidents Corner at 1:16 pm by Russ

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to write one last post in the President’s Corner to thank eveyone for all the kind words and notes that I have received. Being president of TRD has been a wonderful experience for me. I have made tons of friends and have really enjoyed being a part of the New York running community. Who knew that a little boy from North Carolina could grow up to wield so much power and influence!

Anyway, we’ll be setting up Dave with access to this Corner soon, so look for his posts in the future. I know that I am leaving you all in good hands.




A note about Team Championships, 8/16

Posted in Miscellaneous, TRD News at 12:46 pm by Andel

Team Championships are rapidly approaching, with all the cheering, picnicking, and oh yes, running that they entail. Yaay! We want everyone to participate, so please make sure you meet NYRR’s new requirements. They don’t apply to the vast majority of you, but just in case, from NYRR:

Entrants in the NYRR Team Championships on August 16 must have completed at least one NYRR scored/qualifying race between January 1 and July 27, 2008 for the team for which they will be scoring in the NYRR Team Championships. As discussed at the Club Council meeting earlier this spring, NYRR will review requests for exceptions to this rule in cases of injury or pregnancy ONLY. Those requests must be sent [edit: send them to me and I’ll pass on] no later than 12:00pm on Friday, August 1. NYRR will review all cases by Friday, August 8.

Also, any athlete who has competed for any team in ANY race (not just NYRR events) during the 2008 season is required to wait 90 days before competing for any other team (exceptions to this rule are made for athletes who recently completed their collegiate eligibility).

Any questions, please post to the message board or e-mail me.


Official Race Report from the North Face Endurance Challenge 50k

Posted in Race Experiences, Miscellaneous at 7:40 pm by Andel

Official Race Report from the North Face Endurance Challenge in Bellingham, Washington on 10 May 2008:

Men’s Accelerade 50K, Part II: Great Scot!

Ryan Smith, 28, of New York City is fast becoming an Endurance Challenge “regular” – yet he’s also brand new to the sport. Four weeks before the Seattle-Bellingham Accelerade 50K, he volunteered with his New York-based running club, Reservoir Dogs, to work the Mile 33 Aid Station at the Endurance Challenge New England Regional at Bear Mountain, New York. He wanted to run that day, but decided it was best to save his legs for the Boston Marathon a week later.

“Working the Aid Station, it was good to see what they (runners) were requesting and what they were eating,” says Smith, in an accent that reflects his upbringing in Scotland.

With experience in hand and a 3:03 Boston Marathon time under his belt, Smith set off for Seattle, attempting to tackle both his first trail run and his first ultramarathon. “I was looking to do a longer, off-road race,” he says. “and Seattle was an area I hadn’t seen before.”

Smith was immediately struck by the difference between running the Accelerade 50K and tackling the Boston Marathon. For starters, the 50K climbed over 7,000 vertical feet while Boston’s famed “Heartbreak Hill” is barely a 150-foot speed bump by comparison. Smith also realized that, because of the technical terrain, he needed to stay focused the entire time—whereas a road marathon allows you to “zone out,” as he puts it. Finally—and oddly—he found the Accelerade 50K to be easier on the body. “In the Marathon, the repetition of movement taxes your body,” he explains. “After Boston, I just wanted to sit down and sleep; I didn’t hit the same sort of low in this race.”

Hesitant at the beginning of the race, Smith didn’t go off with the lead pack. “I didn’t want to go with them in case they were levels above me,” he says. Instead, he just let them go and enjoyed the solitude. “I must’ve run about 15 miles before I saw the first person,” he says, noting another enjoyable departure from the Boston Marathon, where he shared the course with nearly 20,000 runners and a million spectators.

Smith’s conservative approach paid off in a major way beginning mid-way through the race. “I started to see some people and overtook them,” he recalls. “I was able to pick people off as the race went on.”

It turns out, Smith was not entirely new to off-road running – even though his staple run takes him through New York’s Central Park. “I have a bit of a cross-country background,” he explains, reflecting on his early days in Scotland, “and I do a lot of hiking and spend time in the outdoors.”

A little more than halfway through the race, Smith glanced at his watch, noting the time. It read “3:04” – and marked the longest he had ever run, by just one minute. “I thought ‘Whoa, I’m in uncharted territory.’”

Soon Smith landed himself at the front of the race pack, running with Michael Havrda of Kenmore, WA. “I had some gas left in the tank,” he notes. That’s when Krissy Moehl (see above: “Homecooking”) caught and passed him. He tried to keep up, but she managed to pull away on a major climb. “I didn’t see her again,” says Smith. “She must have really been going for it.”

With a time of 5:30:26, Smith finished the race in second place overall – first male—not a shabby trail ultra debut for a gent who had only previously run two road marathons to his name. He was followed by Havrda, who ran a 5:35:46, and Joseph Creighton of Seattle, with a time of 5:54:15.

After all was said, done, and run, a total of 57 runners started the Endurance Challenge Accelerade 50K, and 53 finished.

Days later, in a phone conversation, Smith waxed poetic about his inaugural trail-ultra experience. “I’ve always secretly been a trail person, but I’ve also always lived in cities,” he says. “That’s where my heart is – trail running is just so much more satisfying than road running.”

Look for Smith at the next Endurance Challenge event. “I’m thinking about doing the Washington DC one (September 6) … it’s not far from here,” he says.


RTB Thoughts

Posted in Presidents Corner at 12:51 pm by Russ

Thank you to those that are taking up the lead in planning for RTB participation. I know that it is a lot of work and takes a lot of time to plan all the details required for a successful outing. I have had a few questions regarding participation in the RTB relay and wanted to share some of my thoughts.

The history of our RTB participation is that a very small and close-knit group of TRD members decided that we wanted to participate in the RTB and we formed the nucleus of a team. We then basically recruited others from TRD to make up the full 12. The club was much smaller back then and message board communication wasn’t quite as regular so no one really cared if there was an “open invitation” to the entire club. The fact of the matter is that due to the size of the club, the time commitment, the idea of running three times in 24 hours, and spending that 24 hours in a smelly van, we had trouble finding 12 people who could manage to stay healthy and interested from the registration date to the race date.

When we expanded to two teams by the third year, we had to recruit a number of “outsiders” to make up the 24. All three of Julie’s brothers were on the team as well as a buddy of ours from Denver and Otto (the Orange Gazelle from CPTC) to name a few. The club was bigger and many more TRDers participated but there was and always will be significant difficulties maintaining a healthy team from Spring to Fall especially with so many people training (and sometimes over training) for a fall marathon.

From the beginning, there was also wrangling and politicking for spots on certain teams and vans. I was guilty myself. Julie and I were a fairly new item that first year and I really wanted to be in the same van. Luckily, we packed our clothes in a shared bag, so we simply HAD to ride in the same van! In my opinion, people should not get too worked up about this sort of thing. Remember, the individuals, not the club, finance this expedition and, it is not inexpensive.

So, if folks are already working to create teams or vans of their closest friends in TRD one should try not to be too offended. The team has grown so large now that there is no way that we can all share equal interests and, quite frankly, equal friendships with all members. Our goal should be to provide everyone who wants to the opportunity to participate and not be too concerned about the make up of the teams. I am quite certain that everyone will have a great time and will come away from the experience with closer and stronger relationships with all those who participate.

From my reading of the board, it looks like there are two volunteers to lead teams. Both teams seem to be fairly full with committed participants. If there is enough interest, I will certainly do my best to recruit a leader for a third team. But, my guess is that by September enough people will have dropped out for one reason or another (schedule conflicts, injuries, etc.) that just about anyone who really wants to participate and is healthy will have the opportunity to do so.


News from the NYRR Club Council - Winter 2008

Posted in Miscellaneous, TRD News at 4:01 pm by Andel

News from the NYRR Club Council [updated 26 Feb, 18 Mar]

Late last month I attended the NYRR Club Council meeting, and wanted to share some very important developments with you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me via email, message board or at the next run!

Guaranteed NYC Marathon Entries

As the races have become more popular, it’s become more and more important for NYRR to improve the way races are marshaled and, well, run. The best way to do that is to draw on our local runners, who know the scene best, to help out. To that end, NYRR is adding new requirements to guaranteed marathon entries.

Individual Marathon Entry

To qualify for a guaranteed entry for the 2009 NYC Marathon, you will have to run 9 NYRR races (beginning Jan. 2008) + volunteer at 1 (beginning March 1, 2008).

Volunteer registration will happen online (those without internet access can call the volunteer office at 212-423-2005) and spots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. You’ll be getting a reminder email from NYRR if you’ve run six races and not volunteered yet… but your best bet is to get your volunteer time in early so you’re not panicking come December!

Club Marathon Entries [updated]

NYRR has traditionally given registered clubs/teams two NYC Marathon spots to allocate at their discretion. This gives club members who were not able to qualify by previous races or through the lottery a wonderful opportunity to participate in that year’s marathon. For the 2008 marathon, we’ll have to work earn these spots, which means:

2 spots = 10-20 Res Dogs (or friends of Res Dogs) need to volunteer at two races.

In addition, we have an upcoming opportunity for an additional spot:

1 extra spot = 20 TRD members to volunteer on March 15th (per the ongoing message board thread here).

That’s a chance at three spots – and as you know, getting into the marathon gets more and more competitive every year. So even if you have your own spot already, or aren’t planning on running, please support your team and volunteer!

Individual + team volunteer credits count separately. For your individual volunteer requirement, you will sign up online (through NYRR site). For your club requirement, you’ll go through Russ + me. For example, if you volunteer on March 15, it will count for TRD (yaay!) but not for your individual marathon entry.

General Race Rules + Enforcement

No cutting, no peeing in Central Park, you know the drill. Also, note that this year NYRR will be cracking down on non-racing “pacers,” especially during the marathon. This means that any runner being accompanied by a “pacer” without a race number may be subject to disqualification. (If your pacer is also registered to race, that’s ok.)

Club Championships Eligibility

The NYRR Club Championships race in August is one of the highlights of the racing season – it’s open to registered NYC-area clubs only and the competition is fierce! (Oh, and the post-race picnic is yummy.) Unfortunately, there have been concerns in the past about the competitive practices of some area teams (not TRD), so with that in mind, here are the new eligibility rules:

In order for a club/team to score, the club/team must have fielded a full (eligible to score) team in at least one other “club points race,” in the relevant division (open, masters, etc.), during that calendar year.

In order for an individual to score, that individual must have run in at least one scored race (points or not), for that team, during that calendar year. NYRR will make exceptions on a case by case basis for runners who have been injured or pregnant during the eligibility period.

Local Elite Standard

The local elite standard, by which you get access to the preferred start corrals in “club points races,” has been lowered to 72%. They are applying this revised standard to races run since October 2007. NYRR sends me an updated list of who is eligible before each club points race, so if you think you might be on it, check with me.

Seeding / Start corrals: [new]

Beginning the weekend of the Boston Marathon, NYRR will implement starting corrals. You will be seeded by pace according to your NYRR race history. If you’ve never run a NYRR race before, you’ll self-report your pace (honor system) for the first time, after which you’ll be seeded according to what you actually ran.

Corrals will have about 750 people each. You’ll be placed in a corral in relation to the pace of other registered runners (so, you won’t necessarily be in the same corral every race). It will say on your bib what corral you’re in for that race. Because of the logistics involved, online race registration will begin closing earlier (usually on the Tuesday before the race).

Club Points Races

TRD members are encouraged, but never required, to participate in the [revised] 11 races designated as “club points races” by NYRR. Scoring during these races is tracked during the year and the top finishing teams (9 best races of 11) + divisions are awarded at Club Night. This year’s “club points races” are:

Mar 9 – New York Colon Cancer Challenge 15k
Apr 13 – Run as One, TGL Classic 4M
May 3 – NYRR Half Marathon Grand Prix: Brooklyn 13.1M
May 17 – Healthy Kidney 10k
June 7 – New York Mini 10k (women only)
June 15 – WABC Father’s Day Fight Against Prostate Cancer 5M (men only; women can race but won’t count for points)
July 19 – CPC Run for Central Park 4M
Aug 16 – NYRR Club/Team Championships 5M (double points)
Sep 6 – Fitness Magazine Mind, Body, Spirit Games 4M
Oct 4 – Norwegian Festival Grete’s Great Gallop 13.1M
Nov 2 – ING New York City Marathon 26.2M
Dec 7 – Joe Kleinerman 10K

(Feb 23 – Al Gordon Snowflake 4M removed due to threat of inclement weather.)

Again, any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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