Wednesday night: NYRR Team Champs training!

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Wednesday night: NYRR Team Champs training!

Postby Brett on Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:49 am

We had so many PRs and successful Brooklyn Half performances, after our block of workouts targeting that race, that we are dedicating eight weeks of Wednesday training runs prepping for the NYRR Team Championships (5 Aug).

If you've never run speed workouts, or if you are not running Team Champs, this is an excellent opportunity to improve your running ability in the convivial company of your fellow Res Dogs. These are upbeat workouts with tons of encouragement, plenty of smiles and that killer group photo afterward. Remember, speed is not about trying to match your pace with the fastest people who show up on any given night, it is about your becoming faster and stronger than your current pace!

As a group these workouts cover shorter distances than for BKN Half or typical Wednesdays—there's only one time longer than 800 meters at a stretch. They are designed to give each of us the taste of a quicker pace that we hope to carry through a shorter race. As always, our goal is that everyone finishes this training cycle injury-free. And keep in mind that Team Champs leads into the autumn marathon training cycle. Running hard is important, remember that your two biggest assets are rest and sleep!

Here's the schedule:

14 Jun (Brett): 6x800 at 5k-10k pace with 90 seconds rest

21 Jun (Jay): 6-8 Harlem hills at 5k-10k effort, slow recovery back to bottom

28 Jun (Shin): 7x400 at mile pace, 2 min full recovery

5 Jul (Peter): 4 sets of 400m/800m at 5k/10k pace, 400m jog after each repeat

12 Jul (Dara): 12-16x1 minute uphill, walk back to bottom (calls for shallow hill, thinking W100-96 transverse)

19 Jul (Brett): 2x1200m at 10k pace, 2:30 rest; 3x800m at 5k pace, 2:00 rest; 4x400m at >5k pace, 1:30 rest

26 Jul (Jay): 8x800m at 5k pace with 90 seconds rest

2 Aug (Shin): 10 min warmup, then 10x200m with easy walk/jog recovery

Each weekly leader will post the specific workout location ahead of time. Unless otherwise noted the general meeting spot remains the same: the S.E. Reservoir/Bridle Path Bridge at 730p, or at the “if you’re running late or it’s more convenient” location where the workout will begin.

As with BKN Half, we owe a big thanks to Rob G. for his contributions to the plan, and to the individual speed leaders (Dara, Jay, Peter and Shin) and substitutes (Brian and Christy) for sacrificing their own running time to conduct these workouts.

See you on Wednesday nights!
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