Wednesday workout experiment for Brooklyn Half!

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Wednesday workout experiment for Brooklyn Half!

Postby Brett on Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:00 pm

We are conducting an experiment with our Wednesday workouts and need your help!

In recent years Wednesday workouts have emphasized preparing us for specific races: shorter distances before Coogan’s (aka Washington Heights 5k), longer before Brooklyn Half and NYRR Team Championships. For autumn marathons we’ve had separate Sat/Tues/Thurs workouts and left intact our Wednesday speed.

Although workout leaders and the club’s officers have discussed many options in recent years, we have never offered stand-alone half-marathon training as we do with NYCM. This year, though, encouraged by 60 BKN Half entrants (yay Res Dogs!) and with input from Rob G., we will provide even more specific Wednesday workouts to help everyone prepare for Brooklyn.

Here is what is not changing:

—Show up at the S.E. Reservoir/Bridle Path Bridge at 730p, or at an “if you’re running late or it’s more convenient” location where the workout will begin.

Here is what is changing:

—We are suspending our rotation of four workout styles (hills, threshold, track and wildcard!) for April and May.

—Workout locations will be announced with each week’s posting, to allow us greater flexibility within the park.

—Workouts for the next seven weeks will offer more distance and repeats than typical sessions. Although we want everyone to run faster and enjoy running even more, we want to make sure everyone reaches the start line in Brooklyn and can run healthy.

—Rob will guest co-lead with weekly workout leaders to offer background on each workout (yay!) and double the amount of encouragement (double yay!).

IF YOU ARE NOT RUNNING BROOKLYN: Please join us on Wednesday nights! Each workout can be modified to your individual needs, please ask Rob or the weekly leader. Remember, speed is not about trying to match your pace with the fastest people who show up on any given night, it is about your becoming faster and stronger than your current pace.

[list]Here is the lineup through the 20 May race date:

5 Apr, Brett: 2x1200m at 10k pace with 2:30 rest; 3x800m at 5k pace with 2:00 rest; 4x400m at >5k pace with 1:30 rest

12 Apr, Jay: 6-8 800m repeats at 10k pace with 90-second recovery

19 Apr, Shin: 8 Cat Hill repeats at Half Marathon Goal Pace (HMGP); 2 Cat Hill repeats at whatever’s left pace

26 Apr, Peter: 3 to 5x1 mile at HMGP with 2:00 jog recovery

3 May, Dara: 2x1200m at 10k pace with 2:30 rest; 3x800m at 5k pace with 2:00 rest; 4x400m at >5k pace with 1:30 rest

10 May, Brett: 2x1 mile at HMGP, 2x800 at 10k pace, 4x400m at whatever’s left pace

17 May, Jay: 4x800m repeats at HMGP; 2-4 Cat Hill repeats at HMGP

We encourage you to please provide feedback! We want to know what works for you, what might not and how we can structure our running schedule to fit your needs.

We’re excited to see how this experiment works and hope you are too!
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