BK Half cheer squad

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BK Half cheer squad

Postby Deirdre on Tue May 16, 2017 6:46 pm

Saturday is going to be big, with 60+ Res Dogs taking to the streets of BK for the Brooklyn Half. It's also the third Club Points race of the season so a cheer squad is in order!

With her hilly West Virginia half marathon behind her, Christy E. will be heading up this year's BK Half cheer squad. She'll be taking up residence just before mile 11 at Ocean Parkway and Avenue U (runners' right). The F and Q trains stop at Avenue U and are within walking distance. Meet at the spot by 8:00am to see the fast folks come through. If you're not running, please join Christy for cheer squad and then come out to the finish at Coney Island for the post-race festivities (see forthcoming post for bar/meet-up details).

And finally, for those running, when you've got a little more than a quarter mile to go and need one final boost, look for Brett on runners' right as you turn left from Surf onto West 10th (the last short stretch before you hit the boardwalk).

Good luck, everyone!

And, as always, more cowbell.

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